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Vigilance at REC

Vigilance functions to be performed by the CVO and Vigilance team are of wide sweep and include collecting intelligence about the corrupt practices committed, or likely to be committed by the employees of the organisation; investigating or causing an investigation to be made into verifiable allegations reported; processing investigation reports for further consideration of the disciplinary authority concerned; referring the matters to the Commission for advice wherever necessary, taking steps to prevent commission of improper practices/misconducts, etc.

The functions of the Vigilance Division, may broadly be divided into two parts. i.e., preventive, and punitive. Vigilance function till recently had been concentrating mainly on the punitive side. The word “vigilance” mainly implies watchfulness and the role of Vigilance Division is predominantly preventive. While detection and punishment of corruption and other malpractices is certainly important, what is even more important is taking preventive measures which could reduce the number of vigilance cases considerably. The task of Vigilance Division is not limited to investigating faults and errors but the foremost object of vigilance is to prevent faults. The major causes of corruption are administrative delays, scope for personal discretion in exercise of the powers, cumbersome procedures etc. With a view to combat corruption and ensuring transparency in policy and procedures, the functions of Vigilance Division can be classified into following areas:

  • Preventive Vigilance
  • Punitive Vigilance
  • Surveillance and detection
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