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REC Limited

Annual Report 2021-22

 a  Company Information(686 KB) PDF

 a  Board of Directors(1179 KB) PDF

 a  Directors’ Profile(1760 KB) PDF

 a  Mission / Vision and Objectives(718 KB) PDF

 a  Senior Management Team(1626 KB) PDF

 a  Five-year Performance(1246 KB) PDF

 a  Message from CMD(1767 KB) PDF

 a  Notice of 53rd AGM on September 16, 2022(1351 KB) PDF

 a  Instructions for attending 53rd AGM through VC/OAVM and e-voting(1261 KB) PDF

 a  Board’s Report(7160 KB) PDF

 a  Management Discussion & Analysis Report(1221 KB) PDF

 a  Report on Corporate Governance(1397 KB) PDF

 a  Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report(1482 KB) PDF

 a  Integrated Report(1205 KB) PDF

 a  Secretarial Audit Report(1124 KB) PDF

 a  Auditors’ Certificate on Corporate Governance(678 KB) PDF

 a  Annual Report on CSR Activities(1108 KB) PDF

 a  Details of Debenture Trustees(836 KB) PDF

 a  Balance Sheet(709 KB) PDF

 a  Statement of Profit & Loss(708 KB) PDF

 a  Statement of Cash Flows(1152 KB) PDF 

 a  Statement of Changes in Equity(754 KB) PDF

 a  Notes to Accounts(2031 KB) PDF

 a  Independent Auditors’ Report on Standalone Financial Statements(1188 KB) PDF

 a  Non-Banking Financial Companies Auditors’ Report(681 KB) PDF

 a  Comments of C&AG of India on Standalone Financial Statements(673 KB) PDF

 a  Consolidated Financial Statements(2436 KB) PDF

 a  Independent Auditors’ Report on Consolidated Financial Statements(1155 KB) PDF

 a  Comments of C&AG of India on Consolidated Financial Statements(677 KB) PDF

 a  Details of REC Offices(710 KB) PDF

To download complete Annual Report 2021-22......Click Here(14777 KB) PDF

To download Notice of Candidature received in respect of Shri Vijay Kumar Singh….Click here(17 KB) PDF

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